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We are based in Ottawa, Canada area and will be pleased to consider requests for eduational programs in and around the area.

For further information and to enquire, please email us at: info@biodiversityconservancy.org

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Educational Programs

One of Biodiversity Conservancy's objectives is to undertake educational programs to increase awareness of the importance of biodiversity and conservation. Our educational programs include talks, seminars, hands-on exhibitions, and excursions to natural habitats, conducted by our scientists and naturalists.

Here's a gallery of previous eductional events:

Bringing Nature to the Classroom

Classroom SeminarClassroom seminar
SpiderSpider demonstration
SpiderHands-on snake demonstration


Students learn about reptiles

Bringing the Classroom to Nature


SpiderA small but important dune inhabitant
SnakeA lesson on the unique dune habitat


SnakeReptile demonstration


E-mail: info@biodiversityconservancy.org